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Unique NFT zombie avatars. The ecosystem powered by Polygon network.

Welcome to the territory of the Resurrected Zombies!

Unique NFT zombie avatars (ERC-721). Character images are generated using algorithms and artificial intelligence. Over 180 elements and combinations were used in compiling the NFT. Zombie characters and metadata are stored in the decentralized IPFS storage. REZ NFT metadata will be revealed as soon as you mint. After the minting of all characters is completed, the smart contract will determine 20 token IDs, which will be rare legendary characters. The collection is limited to 10000 REZ NFT, minting price is only 120 MATIC for 1 REZ NFT. MATIC must be in your wallet on the Polygon network.
Network: Polygon (Matic)
File storage: IPFS
Mint start: August 07, 2022 At 20:00 UTC
Maximum purchase : 50 REZ
Price 1 REZ NFT = 120 MATIC
Last modified 1yr ago